Euler 3D


Edit and create all kinds of polyhedrons



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Euler 3D is a complete polyhedron editor with which you'll be able to model all sorts of geometric figures in a three-dimensional setting.

Euler 3D takes inspiration for its name from one of the greatest mathematicians of all times and is designed to be accessible to all kinds of users who share an interest in the creation of polyhedrons.

You can start your projects from scratch, or use one of the examples included as a base on which to build or edit your work.

With Euler 3D you can modify vertices and edges any way you want, and you can manage regular or uniform polyhedrons, solids, etc. Plus, the program comes with an animation module with which you can make your creations come to life.

Even though the program is free, to be able to enjoy it without any limits you must register on the author's website.

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